Girl in the Box Series

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The Girl in the Box/Out of the Box
Contemporary Urban Fantasy

Sienna Nealon was a 17 year-old girl who had been held prisoner in her own house by her mother for twelve years. Then one day her mother vanished, and Sienna woke up to find two strange men in her home. On the run, unsure of who to turn to and discovering she possesses mysterious powers, Sienna finds herself pursued by a shadowy agency known as the Directorate and hunted by a vicious, bloodthirsty psychopath named Wolfe, each of which is determined to capture her for their own purposes...

(Author's Note: Due to the long-running nature of these series - and the fact that the stories confusingly unfold across two different series, Girl in the Box and Out of the Box, I've broken them into story arcs akin to television seasons/series for reader convenience and easier readability.)

11. Limitless: Out of the Box, Book 1
12. In the Wind: Out of the Box, Book 2
13. Ruthless: Out of the Box, Book 3
14. Grounded: Out of the Box, Book 4
15. Tormented: Out of the Box, Book 5
16. Vengeful: Out of the Box, Book 6

17. Sea Change: Out of the Box, Book 7
18. Painkiller: Out of the Box, Book 8
19. Masks: Out of the Box, Book 9
20. Prisoners: Out of the Box, Book 10
21. Unyielding: Out of the Box, Book 11

22. Hollow: Out of the Box, Book 12
23. Toxicity: Out of the Box, Book 13
24. Small Things: Out of the Box,  Book 14
25. Hunters: Out of the Box, Book 15
26. Badder: Out of the Box, Book 16
27. Nemesis: Out of the Box, Book 17

Season Six: Hero

28. Apex: Out of the Box, Book 18
29. Time: Out of the Box, Book 19
30. Driven: Out of the Box, Book 20
31. Remember: Out of the Box, Book 21* (Coming July 3rd, 2018!)
32. Hero: Out of the Box, Book 22* (Coming September 4th, 2018!)
33. Flashback: Out of the Box, Book 23* (Coming November 6th, 2018!)

 *Forthcoming - and possibly subject to wild, artistic scheduling changes. Including change of title.

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  1. Enjoyed Driven. Really keen to find out how Sigourney Weaver lookalike aka Dr.Slaughter fits into this Revelen track. Have already preordered Remember, thank you for being so awesome RJC in releasing Driven early, definitely needed my Sienna fix. Can't wait to read how Cassie's story develops in Liars and Vampires as well.

    1. You won't have long on LIARS AND VAMPIRES! My co-author is a crazy speed-demon of a writer, and she's already finished first drafts of every book up to 6, with 7 about to get wrapped up in the next couple weeks. We're planning to release one every single month between now and the end of the year, at least, and see how it goes from there after we wrap up the first ten books. I think we might collaborate on a Girl in the Box spinoff/new series in Sienna's world with new characters. We'll see how it goes. For now, though, Book 2 of LIARS AND VAMPIRES is coming May 17th, and I just finished my edits on book 3, so you've got a lot of Cassie coming up.

    2. I've already preordered the second book Someone should save her. Can't believe it's out next week. That should keep me busy for a day or two until the next one. Might have to give Sancturay series a go, have downloaded the first 3 books. I need something to keep me occupied in between my Sienna and Cassie fix. Thank you so much RJC for churning these stories out, kudos to you and your co-author. Started reading the Girl in the box series since November and manage to get up to speed by January, that's how awesome the series is.

    3. A spin-off? Holy guacamole I’d buy the shit out of that

  2. OMG! Book 30! OMG! I got hooked from the very first Girl in the Box book. Sienna has got to be my all-time favorite heroine...if she ever loses her smartasseryness, well I just don’t know! Did I say OMG! P.S. I love Sienna’s take on life. You knows it’s a good book when you’re reduced to tears and immediately hit pre-order!

    1. I don't think I'd enjoy writing the books anymore if Sienna lost her smartassery. I think it'd be SERIES OVER at that point, because whyyyyyyy? And what would be the point, y'know?

  3. Alright weird question;
    When siennas out being badass and stuff and doesn’t have a change of clothes and stuff how does she deal with her period? Like does she just forget about it cuz it might get caught up in all the other blood she loses like?
    I dunno it was a weird question

    1. LOL, that is a weird question. But here's an even weirder answer - her metahuman healing power could theoretically allow her to reabsorb her uterine lining/any other organic castoff material without expunging it vaginally. So maybe she doesn't even really get a period now that she's manifested.

      Or maybe she does and just doesn't bother to discuss it, kinda like how she never really talks about taking a dump and seldom mentions peeing (usually there's a story or comedy reason related to her mentions of that sort of thing). It's just not really germane to the tale at hand, after all.

    2. Thanks for that insight!

  4. I have Remember on preorder, any chance of an early release?

    1. I didn't want to say before I had it locked down, but now that it is...yes. It'll be out July 3rd (was scheduled for July 17th before).

  5. Thanks for feeding my addiction! :D

  6. Remember remember... I am so hyped to read about Sienna in a cage of her own making.