Blood Ties

Blood Ties
The Girl in the Box, Book 35
(Out of the Box 25)

(Paperbacks available on Amazon in US/UK/EU and on Nook)

When a vicious attack by an unstoppable enemy sends Sienna Nealon looking for help, she finds it in the most unlikely of places:


No, not the day. Nor the movie. The Guy.

Guy Friday: Strongman. Rapper. All-around idiot.

Facing the strongest enemy she's ever gone against, Sienna is left with no choice but to rely on Friday to help her as she races to solve a mystery that will take her into the digital depths of Silicon Valley. She will ward off enemies, mercenaries, hipsters...and face her greatest challenge:

A man with no common sense or connection to reality whatsoever. Friday. The man. The myth. The legend in his own mind.

And he's her only hope.