Southern Watch Series

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Southern Watch
Contemporary Urban Fantasy

Archibald "Arch" Stan was a local cop in Midian, Tennessee that was good at his job, good at being a husband, and exceptionally good at hiding his disappointment at not being able to figure out what was missing in his life that made it all seem so empty.

Lafayette Hendricks looked like a drifter, a broken-down hitchhiker blown through Midian on the prevailing winds. When Arch catches him in a fight on the town square, though, things start to get weird, fast, because the guy he's fighting doesn't die when he gets shot. And Hendricks is carrying a sword.

Pretty soon, Arch's whole life is turned upside down by Hendricks's revelation that there's a secret world operating under the one he's been living in his whole life - one filled with demons, chaos, and unspeakable evils, one of which is already in town, stirring trouble. And if the two men don't band together to keep watch on the darkness falling on Midian, then this small town might just get swallowed up by the forces of evil - with the rest of the world to follow shortly behind.

WARNING: Due to EXTREME adult content, this series is intended for MATURE READERS ONLY.

Called: Southern Watch, Book 1
Depths: Southern Watch, Book 2
Corrupted: Southern Watch, Book 3
Unearthed: Southern Watch, Book 4
Legion: Southern Watch, Book 5
Starling: Southern Watch, Book 6* (Coming Summer 2017!)
Forsaken: Southern Watch, Book 7* (Coming in 2017!)

*Forthcoming, and subject to change if the author has a need for a sanity break.

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  1. I have a question about demon shelling and how it applies to greaters. While fighting Gideon he has limbs blown off breaking his she'll but being a greater, it takes more than that to bring him down, same thing with Mick, my question is, if they stick around with missing limbs, why did Lerner get ducked back from a small crack? Him and Duncan are both greaters lime Mick and Gideon, and from a line in Unearthed Duncan says demons don't wear prostetics except in the case of greaters with missing limbs, so it is implied there is a way to seal a shell somewhat, why was this nit a option for Lerner?

    1. It's possible I erred by saying that Lerner and Duncan were greaters somewhere when they're really not. They're certainly somewhat tougher than your average demons, but not quite in greater territory. It's been a while since I've dealt with what greaters can do, but I *think* as I originally set it out, they could sort of use their essence, which is much more powerful than a standard demon's, to seal the shell in the event of damage. The way I imagine it (imperfect analogy warning) is an octopus being sucked up into a vacuum cleaner; it's a little too big to easily fit, but if you pull a few limbs off first and give it a good mashing, in it goes.

    2. Do you spend lots of time torturing octopodes (/octopi/octopuses- The most confusing plural ever!)?

    3. I mostly just eat them, at least when they're tiny and nicely fried.

  2. Hello, Mr.Crane! I, too, am a BIG FAN of you, as well as of both the Girl In The Box and Out of The Box series', and of the Southern Watch series! You have a very creative imagination, paired with a gifted ability of writing unique, original stories and characters with relatable personalities, keeping your reader's engaged and wanting much more! I was wondering why writing Legion took more of a toll on you than writing one of the Out Of The Box books did or does.I thank you for your attention, as I know you are very busy, and I look forward to your reply! God bless you!

    1. It's funny, I just did a podcast interview answering this very same question so it's top of mind. Out of the Box books dominate my schedule because they are the series that pays my bills, so they're a priority. They tend to average about 100,000 words in length (roughly 400 pages in paperback) and I write them all in one go, from beginning to end, because they're the most important thing to fit into my schedule.

      Southern Watch books run much, much longer. Legion, for instance, was 166,000 words in length (664 pages) and also have to be written to accommodate my schedule, which means they're often done in chunks as I can fit them in, which also requires a couple days to review what's gone before, as this series is not as fresh/top of mind as Out of the Box. So not only are they longer, but they have to be written in pieces (I've been 35% done with Starling since November) and are also, often, more emotionally taxing because of the subject matter. Legion dealt with, in rather horrifying fashion, the most deeply felt fears of any parent, within the framework of the story, and I was emotionally wiped out for a little bit after writing it.

      Hope that answers your question.

    2. Yes, that does answer my question! I am intrigued by Starling and Southern Watch! Knowing that you put so much love and time into her, (as well as the entire series) I will appreciate these books that much more! Thank you for your reply! I will patiently await Starling release!

  3. First Sanctuary, then girl in the box, then physical copies of Sanctuary, then cathing up in out of the box, and finally catching up in Southern Watch, all since October. Now that I'm all the way caught up in all of your series, what do I do in my spare time? I'm contemplating buying physical copies of Southern Watch (I'd go with GitB and OotB but that would kill my finances) but that only fills the empty space in my bookshelf, not my free time.

    1. Haven't seen this pop yet, then?

      Though you'll still have to wait a week, because it's not ready to go until the 27th...

  4. Greetings, I am a fan of course of your writing. I am also on a very tight budget. I started reading your work with Sanctuary. I started because I could read your books for free. As I progressed slowly through your work it is always a great adventure. Your stories are unique. The characters are well written. So they are intriguing. You make them interesting and human. With all of the baggage that comes with being human. I am that group that doesn't help pay your rent. I just wanted to share with you as I can't pay for your writing and thus cannot read all of your series. How much I appreciate your work. I feel that since I have been in this monetary situation that you are one of the finest writers I have discovered. Along with my favorite James Lee Burke. I'm hoping to start to budget in one book a month of yours. After I read your valid reason for not entering your work into kindle "sorta free" books program. You deserve to get rewarded with pay for your great work. I just wanted you to know that though I'm in that group that is cheap by necessity. That your work is greatly appreciated and enjoyed! I'm turning sixty in May. I'm asking my few remaining friends that are above ground for a box set of your work. Let's both keep our fingers crossed.😁

    1. Oh, well, I'm glad you've enjoyed the books. I totally understand about being on a budget, and know that there are more than a few folks in that same situation. It's a tough place to be, which is why I'm sorry my books aren't in more libraries. Alas.

  5. Heya Robert/Mr. Crane, I just wanted to post a comment letting you know how much I'm enjoying the Southern Watch series, I have bought every book. I started reading your Sanctuary series years ago when only Defender was free based off the recommendation of a friend. Ever since then I sucked my wife in and we are both avid readers of Sanctuary and Southern Watch, trying to recruit as many of our family and friends into reading them as well. I hope you have great luck with your creative juices and publisher and anything else, so you can get your books out as quickly as possible.

    1. Thank you for your good work, Johnathon! Happy reading to you and your wife!

  6. Good day, Mr. Crane, just wanted to drop you a line and say how much I enjoy your books. I started out with the Sanctuary series and with the first one said damn, that's good. Found the Girl in the box and thought damn that's good too. Of course then I just had to get the Southern watch series and said holy shit. I have read all of them but now what do I do with my life waiting for more? Thanks for your work.

    1. I'm working on coming up with more, and more often through the magic of co-authors who take my outlines and turn them into a book I can rewrite so that it feels entirely mine. But those are still a little ways off.

  7. Hello Mr.Crane

    I have to say I've read everything you have put out on Google. I have to say I read quite a bit and love all the series you write. I do wonder when the next southern watch book will be out. Southern watch and the sanctuary series as well the girl in the box are the only books I've ever read more than once. Just wanted to show my appreciation for great stories.


    1. So, I'm still writing Southern Watch 6 right now, and it's going LOOOOONNNNNG, as these books tend to do. Hoping to have it out this summer, either June or July.

  8. Brother-Man, KEEP SOUTHERN WATCH COMING!!! I've got clinical chronic insomnia, and have to take meds to get any sleep at night. They don't always work(it's that bad), so most nights I read. A LOT. In the last month and a half, I've read all five of the Southern Watch series. I'm hopelessly addicted!! I don't often cry or get worked up, but when little Abi and then Allison died...a book hasn't made me cry since Eddie Dean's passing in The Wolves of the Calla (S. King). You know just how to write, even minor characters, so that us readers become attached. Keep it up! About to go out and get Shattered Dome or Sanctuary(haven't decided which, but if you have a favourite of the two, please tell me, and I'll go with that one first) next week. Anyway, thank you for your time, and keep Southern Watch going!

    P. S. Lerner, Lerner, Lerner! Thank you for bringing him back!!!!

    1. Heh. It's Guthrie, Guthrie, Guthrie now.

      I would probably suggest Sanctuary if you like high fantasy, because it's actually complete* as a series whereas Shattered Dome is just the first of a planned trilogy and the second is...well, Nick and I haven't had a chance to start it yet.

      As for Southern Watch, I'm actually working on book 6 now, a piece at a time (a little every day) and it's going to be the longest in the series in spite of my hopes I could dial back the length after the monstrous LEGION. Nope. This one will be similarly epic, and now that I'm about 2/3rds through writing it...I think it'll be another fan pleaser, though it takes a very different tack than LEGION or the other books (in order to keep me from repeating myself, story-wise).

      Unfortunately for me, future volumes are unlikely to end up smaller and less complex. Alas. And yay, a little bit, I guess, because I probably need more challenge in my life. (I don't, but if it results in a better book long term, I guess I'll suck it up and deal.)

      Glad you're enjoying the series!

      *Well, this story arc is complete. A new one starts in Volume Nine, which was originally set to be a whole different series, but...anyway, you get the point, right? It's a complete story in the way Shattered Dome isn't yet.

  9. Okay, kool. :-) I'll start with Sanctuary then! But, she will always be Lerner to me! He was my favourite character as soon as he and Duncan entered the fray. I honestly think he's got Hendricks beat as THE number one smartarse of the group!