Southern Watch Series

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Southern Watch
Contemporary Urban Fantasy

Archibald "Arch" Stan was a local cop in Midian, Tennessee that was good at his job, good at being a husband, and exceptionally good at hiding his disappointment at not being able to figure out what was missing in his life that made it all seem so empty.

Lafayette Hendricks looked like a drifter, a broken-down hitchhiker blown through Midian on the prevailing winds. When Arch catches him in a fight on the town square, though, things start to get weird, fast, because the guy he's fighting doesn't die when he gets shot. And Hendricks is carrying a sword.

Pretty soon, Arch's whole life is turned upside down by Hendricks's revelation that there's a secret world operating under the one he's been living in his whole life - one filled with demons, chaos, and unspeakable evils, one of which is already in town, stirring trouble. And if the two men don't band together to keep watch on the darkness falling on Midian, then this small town might just get swallowed up by the forces of evil - with the rest of the world to follow shortly behind.

WARNING: Due to EXTREME adult content, this series is intended for MATURE READERS ONLY.

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Unearthed (Book 4)
Legion (Book 5)
Starling (Book 6)
Forsaken (Book 7)* (Release TBD)
Hallowed (Book 8)* (Release TBD)
Enflamed (Book 9)* (Release TBD)
Windswept (Book 10)* (Release TBD)

*Forthcoming, and subject to change if the author has a need for a sanity break.

FYI - People ask about this series a lot. Why book six isn't out yet, when the next one is coming. This is my least successful series, and these books are getting pretty big as the story unfolds. Because of the way my schedule bends, these are basically the last in line for my time, so...they'll be out as I can get them out, and no faster. Sorry for the delay.

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  1. Will "Starling" be available on Kindle Unlimited?
    You know, asking for a friend.

    1. Unfortunately not. Once my CFO (aka my wife) finally did the calculation on our Kindle Unlimited runs, we found out that I lost a - technical term here - SHIT TON of money by going into Kindle Unlimited. Now, money ain't everything, obviously, but I struggle to come up with a compelling reason to piss off and alienate my fans on other platforms (Nook, Kobo, Apple, Google) by going exclusive to one of the largest and biggest moneymaking companies on earth only to personally lose money so they can build their unsustainable subscription reading service and then make their money back on selling other widgets because people are completely entangled in their ecosystem. As much I like the fans who use KU as a way to make reading more affordable, your gain is my loss and a loss for my fans who read on other platforms,, I don't anticipate going into KU with any future books unless Amazon stops being so effing cheap and pays authors a more reasonable amount per page read. Because they've cut the amount they pay authors by about 20% in the last year or so as the program "succeeded" and garnered more subscribers.

      Anyway, sorry...but there's the inside baseball on why not. I wish Kindle Unlimited was more of a win/win so I could endorse it/partake, but from my experience - and maybe only mine, given how many fans I have on other platforms - it's a win/lose, and to quote a well-known Starfleet captain, "I don't like to lose."

    2. At least not so Amazon can win at my expense.

    3. I completly understand and thank you for the detailed answer vs a generic no. I didn't realize the lopsidedness of authors using KU and not getting more profit from it. Maybe you should sic Vaste on them. (I know, wrong series)
      Thank you for the hours of entertainment you have provided me with your stories. Keep up the good work!

    4. Thank you for understanding. I try to be as transparent as possible about these sort of decisions because I know they affect fans and I feel for them, having been on the fan side of it myself and having authors (it seemed, at the time) cancel a series mid-stream. Business is a big part of the writing world, and though occasionally I wish it were simpler and less complicated, it's allowed me to have a career, so really - especially today - I'm just thankful for it.

    5. As someone who uses nook I have to say thank you. I am on book 3 in Southern watch, up to date for girl out of the box and have completed Sanctuary - were you to switch over to the Amazon asw format, I would be forced to stop reading as I will not be held hostage to Amazon.

  2. Wow! I stumbled on this page looking for clues as to when Forsaken would be released & so happy I did! First, I have to say thank you for offering the first set on bookbub because I blew through the whole series in a week- couldn’t stop till I got to the end. I don’t think any of the sex (talks, acts etc) were overkill. Different characters/different things - totally relatable to who they were. I realized pretty quickly that Hendricks new “relationship” with Starling was probably about the only thing that would help him get over his trauma in regards to Miss Kitty. That being said, the ending of Starling blew me away. I can’t wait to unlock the puzzle! I love books that involve multiple (&complex) characters & their point of view. You are so so awesome! & now I’m going to do what I do with every writer I discover I love & read everything you’ve written while waiting for Forsaken to be released :) Truly a Fan!

    1. Thank you, Brandi, I'm glad you enjoyed the series! I don't know when it'll be out, but I'm set to start on FORSAKEN in a couple weeks, when I've wrapped up this current book. Provided it doesn't balloon as much as STARLING did, hopefully it won't be too long and you'll be reading it.

      In the meantime, according to my numbers I just tallied up, I've got another forty non-Southern Watch books I've written myself plus another five co-authored books presently out to keep you busy in the meantime! Happy reading!

  3. Starting was a lot of knowllege to take in but that way she sent the demon away says she is a principality at the very least it was no effort at at all for her. I read pretty much all sanctuary you are a great writer.

  4. OMG! Fanf#@%$!#tabulous!!!!! As always! I'm with Brandi, sex was not overkill, so obviously leading to something (definitely made me go north in the eyebrow area at times, as I'm sure you intended)! So glad to hear you are starting on Forsaken soon, cant wait to see how this plays out! Unfortunately I don't have your other 45 books to tide me over, cause I've already read them twice! I'll be patiently waiting for your next email. Don't ever stop writing please.....YOU ROCK!
    PS: THANK YOU for removing a certain comment and replies...I feel strangely.....protective of you and they were fighting words to me!

    1. Thanks, Myrna. For all of that.

      As to the comment, the only reason I removed it was because I usually only let them linger for about 30 days or so before removing them so the page doesn't go ever on into infinity.

  5. I just devoured the Southern Watch series in less than a week, and wanted to stop by and send some glowing praise your way for your incredibly engaging writing and talent. You've earned a new fan! By my calendar you should be starting on Forsaken any day now, if you haven't already. I see I have another 45 books to keep me occupied in the meantime, but please don't let that stop you from your work, ha!

    1. I haven’t started it yet, unfortunately. It needed a little more brainstorming time so that I can make it a much more focused book than STARLING, which sprawled a little. I should be starting it in early March. Glad you liked the series!

  6. I meant to say "45 books OF YOURS to read." I started The Sanctuary series last night, grin. Sprawling is ok by me, more to read but I get what you mean. Happy brainstorming!

  7. I have read all 6 of the Southern Watch books available, I just cannot wait for the next one FORSAKEN. When will it be released?? And do you have any spoilers?

    1. I'm working on it presently, but I don't know exactly when it'll be out. Once I finish my work with it, it still has to go through several rounds of editing, which takes a while. Best guess is that if all goes well, we might see it in early summer. If all does not go well...much longer than that.

      Spoilers,'s one - the following people will be the narrative Point of View characters for FORSAKEN:

      Arch Stan
      Erin Harris
      Gary Wrightson (son of Mary from book 6)
      Darla Pike
      And our primary demon villain, whose name for now is Brackessh.

      I'm also beginning each chapter with a random narrator PoV, just someone who lives in Midian and is dealing with the troubles. It's kinda nice; we check in with them for a chapter and get a little different perspective on what's happening around town.