Southern Watch Series

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Southern Watch
Contemporary Urban Fantasy

Archibald "Arch" Stan was a local cop in Midian, Tennessee that was good at his job, good at being a husband, and exceptionally good at hiding his disappointment at not being able to figure out what was missing in his life that made it all seem so empty.

Lafayette Hendricks looked like a drifter, a broken-down hitchhiker blown through Midian on the prevailing winds. When Arch catches him in a fight on the town square, though, things start to get weird, fast, because the guy he's fighting doesn't die when he gets shot. And Hendricks is carrying a sword.

Pretty soon, Arch's whole life is turned upside down by Hendricks's revelation that there's a secret world operating under the one he's been living in his whole life - one filled with demons, chaos, and unspeakable evils, one of which is already in town, stirring trouble. And if the two men don't band together to keep watch on the darkness falling on Midian, then this small town might just get swallowed up by the forces of evil - with the rest of the world to follow shortly behind.

WARNING: Due to EXTREME adult content, this series is intended for MATURE READERS ONLY.

Called: Southern Watch, Book 1
Depths: Southern Watch, Book 2
Corrupted: Southern Watch, Book 3
Unearthed: Southern Watch, Book 4
Legion: Southern Watch, Book 5
Starling: Southern Watch, Book 6* (It'll be Out When It's Done.)
Forsaken: Southern Watch, Book 7* (Release TBD, See Above)
Hallowed: Southern Watch, Book 8* (Release TBD)
Enflamed: Southern Watch, Book 9* (Release TBD)
Windswept: Southern Watch, Book 10* (Release TBD)

*Forthcoming, and subject to change if the author has a need for a sanity break.

FYI - People ask about this series a lot. Why book six isn't out yet, when the next one is coming. This is my least successful series, and these books are getting pretty big as the story unfolds. Because of the way my schedule bends, these are basically the last in line for my time, so...they'll be out as I can get them out, and no faster. Sorry for the delay.

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  1. Ahhh! Just had to jump in when you said unfortunately the books won't get shorter. No unfortunate about it~ the longer the better! Lawdddd I've re-read the Southern Watch Series so many times while waiting for Sterling. I know its prob aggravating you,but close to release yet? Sorry but I need to find out what's up.... Please? Ty

    1. It's unfortunate for two reasons. 1) Unfortunate for me, because they're harder to write, and 2) unfortunate for you because they take longer and get interrupted more. I started work on STARLING back in October of 2016. No, it's still not done yet. I'm not even going to suggest I know when it'll be out, because I have no idea. It'll be done when it's done. As the least selling of my series, Southern Watch just has to take a backseat to my other obligations, the ones which pay my bills now, and the ones which will hopefully pay the bills of the future.

      Oh, and to add possible insult to injury? The next book is going to cost more, too, because I can't justify writing these absurdly long books and then selling them for the same price as an Out of the Box book anymore. So, unfortunately (there's that word again - but maybe now you see why I use(d) it) there's not a lot of good news here for you, Patty. Sorry.

  2. Thank you for answering me. I for one am more than willing to pre order & pay more for the next books in the series~ I think many of your fans would agree. Obviously the price should increase as your work does, its only fair. I also believe The Southern Watch series will become comparable to your Sanctuary series in terms of sales. I absolutely love your work and shall await Starling. Without anymore whining! Lol

    1. Ah, I don't take it as whining. I was looking through the paperback of LEGION the other day and saw that in the back of the book, it said that STARLING would be out in "Fall 2016." Almost a year ago, it was promised, my stupid ambition getting ahead of my ability to deliver. Dumb on my part, but alas, it's shit, and it did happen. I am working diligently, if slowly, on it now, and it's taking shape. It's just not happening nearly as quickly as I (or any of you) might have hoped.

      And I'm right there with you on hoping the sales for Southern Watch become comparable with Sanctuary. That'd be nice.

  3. Hello Robert. Just comment and quick question. I thoroughly the Southern Watch with the emotions it has invoked. The scene of the overpass 'commotion' as I will refer to it seriously was a work of brilliance in how I still feel about the whole passage and on that I have suggested your SW series to many friends da on that alone.
    As for the question. Withe the acceptance of R rated theatrical releases and people finally realizing adults would like more mature stories, have you thought of fishing for a screen dpttion of the SW series. I know you Box series are the bill, bread and butter but I had just wondered if you had looked at that option.

    1. The thing about fishing for/pitching series or movies is that it's a very time-consuming practice for a writer who doesn't have an agent. (And maybe even for the ones who do, i dunno.) Writing something like 8 books a year and now overseeing 10 or so more, I don't have anywhere approaching that kind of time for what, in the end, amounts to a massive multi-stage gamble. 1. You hope to sell the rights. 2. You hope that the production navigates its own multi-stage process with cancellation risk built into every stage. 3. You hope that whoever bought the rights hasn't taken your creation and turned it into an unrecognizable Frankenstein monster between sale and its translation to the screen.

      Anyway, for all these reasons - and also the fact I never really wanted to be personally involved in TV or movies - I haven't delved into the idea of actively pitching rights, and I won't, ever, if I can reasonably avoid it. Not my circus, not my monkeys.

      Besides, getting involved in that would virtually guarantee George R.R. Martin-like delays in future Southern Watch books, because they're always the first thing to get pushed when I take a hit in the schedule. And nobody wants that.

  4. Hi Robert, well it seems sales are completely at odds to my preferences, I started with the girl in the box series which I thoroughly enjoyed, then I tried your sanctuary series! How is this your best seller? I felt like I was reading a wow diary and kept looking for an exp bar at the top of the page, expecting Leeroy Jenkins to come screaming round the corner. Anyway after abandoning that at book 2 I gave you the benefit of the doubt and tried southern watch, thank god I did, easily one of my favourite series. Unfortunately now I've just got to wait for the rest of the world to catch on so you can spend more time on them. Well the point I wanted to is thank you for those "happy?" hours you allowed my to live in the world of southern watch. Dean

    1. Girl in the Box and Out of the Box are his best sellers, not Sanctuary. If you continued the Sanctuary series though, the story is absolutely incredible and the character progression is flawless. Remember the Sanctuary 1 was his first book. They get better and better as you go. I honestly have a difficult time deciding my favorite series out of any of the works he's done. They are all so different but unequivocally Robert J. Crane.

    2. To quote crane himself, about a year or two ago. "Early sanctuary was a place I called expositions hell", and he repeatedly commented that it hailed from his time playing mmos and such. It does invoke those feelings, but i think that's what he was going with. Conversely, I don't like reading southern watch because of the gut churning feeling I get when I read about a particular character dying, but to each their own.

    3. HAHA, I didn't even remember saying that thing about "expositions hell," but it's so true. I've been rereading the Sanctuary Series, and I skipped over most of DEFENDER because it's just so hard for me to go through without wanting to change tons of things, including, yes, the massive infodumps of exposition that go awkwardly for pages. The sad thing is that it was SOOOO MUCH WORSE before this, its final form. I re-edited it a year after release in order to make it more readable after having written/published about six books, and swore at that point I'd never go backwards and re-edit/write a book again. But gets so much better in book 2 and onward. DEFENDER was a massive amount of OJT for me, and I'm grateful people still seem to like it.

  5. what is.meant by extreme adult content?

    1. Sex, more sex, yet more sex and even kinkier sex. Lots of swearing of a colorful variety and including the worst words imaginable, description of numerous and sundry sex acts, violence out the wazoo (and to the wazoo of one unfortunate party), etc. etc.

      It's not for the faint of heart. Or the faint of taint, really, cuz it will kick you there.