Liars and Vampires

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Liars and Vampires
YA Urban Fantasy
(with Lauren Harper)

Cassie Howell was just a normal girl worried about normal things - school, homework, dealing with her parents - until one day she picked up a stalker. But no, not a normal stalker, because that'd be too easy.

A vampire stalker.

Now Cassie is stuck; she has a long history of lying. Faced with Byron Vesper, a vampire with a crush on her who just won't let up, Cassie has no one to turn to, no one to trust. She's in way over her head, and left with two choices:

Find a way to beat Byron at his own game...

...Or die.

Lies in the Dark (Book 4)
Her Lying Days Are Done (Book 5)
Heir of the Dog (Book 6)
Hit You Where You Live (Book 7)
Her Endless Night (Book 8)* - Coming in 2021!
Burned Me (Book 9)*
Something In That Vein (Book 10)*

*Forthcoming and subject to change if the author(s) have need for a sanity break.

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