Liars and Vampires

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Liars and Vampires
YA Urban Fantasy
(with Lauren Harper)

Cassie Howell was just a normal girl worried about normal things - school, homework, dealing with her parents - until one day she picked up a stalker. But no, not a normal stalker, because that'd be too easy.

A vampire stalker.

Now Cassie is stuck; she has a long history of lying. Faced with Byron Vesper, a vampire with a crush on her who just won't let up, Cassie has no one to turn to, no one to trust. She's in way over her head, and left with two choices:

Find a way to beat Byron at his own game...

...Or die.

Lies in the Dark (Book 4)
Her Lying Days Are Done (Book 5)
Heir of the Dog (Book 6)* - Coming January 20, 2019!
Hit You Where You Live (Book 7)* - Coming 2019!
Her Endless Night (Book 8)*
Burned Me (Book 9)*
Something In That Vein (Book 10)*

*Forthcoming and subject to change if the author(s) have need for a sanity break.

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