You Can't Go Home Again

You Can't Go Home Again
Liars and Vampires
Book 3

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Cassie Howell has now survived two brushes with vampires. A typical teenager and recovering compulsive liar, Cassie figures she might have finally settled into high school life in sunny Tampa, Florida and put all her vampire problems behind her.

Except for the studly vampire that's training her to fight his own kind. Because he's totally not a problem, and the vampire fight clubbing is "just in case."

And soon enough, just in case comes in very handy, because Cassie's hometown in upstate New York is being overrun by the vamps that are searching for someone that sounds suspiciously like Cassie. When her uncle is attacked, Cassie finds herself heading home to confront her past and face up to the troubles she left behind...

...And some new ones that have come to town since...because of her.