The Girl in the Box, Book 53

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"Call me HBB."

Henri Benoit Blanchard is a genius, a multi-millionaire, an international philanthropist - and someone wants him dead. Someone with powers, someone with an axe to grind. When that axe falls in an assassination attempt in New York City, Henri's friend the president decides there's only one person who can protect him: Sienna Nealon.

But Sienna's got her own problems. Her wayward cousin Alannah has just been arrested for the dozenth time, and the last thing Sienna needs is a rich guy to babysit along with her troublesome relation. What's a hero to do?

Bring that cousin along, of course. Because when the president calls, you can't exactly send it to voicemail.

From New York City to London to Paris to Germany, Sienna and Alannah are matched against a relentless assassin who wants Blanchard dead and will stop at nothing to see it done. But why? A powerful secret stands between Sienna and the truth, one she'll have to unearth if she wants to save Blanchard...

...and possibly the world.