The Girl in the Box, Book 54

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When a dozen bodies turn up with Sienna Nealon's name carved into them, it's just another day in the life for her. But when it happens the day before she's supposed to begin a new oversight gig investigating the inner workings of the CIA? Well, that seems like more than a coincidence.

Soon, Sienna is drawn into a world of spies and shadows, where no one is what they seem and trust is hard to come by. As the bodies continue to pile up, all roads lead to a mysterious figure named the Reaver, a legendary assassin who everyone knows of, but no one seems to know anything about.

The Reaver has his sights set on Sienna, though, and soon she's in a race against time to discover his identity before he can strike again. But there's more at stake than anyone knows, and if Sienna doesn't find the truth in time...

...The whole world might just pay the price for her failure.