Sunday, April 20, 2014

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Hey You! Yeah, You! Like Free Books?

Of course you do. Well, my books The Girl in the Box Series 1-3 (Alone, Untouched and Soulless) are currently FREE in all ebook formats! And so is Defender: The Sanctuary Series, Volume One! You can find the links at the bottom of the page HERE.)

Upcoming Releases: 

Power: The Girl in the Box #10 - End of Summer 2014

Corrupted: Southern Watch #3 - Late Summer/Early Fall 2014

Limitless: Out of the Box, Book 1 - Autumn 2014

Master: The Sanctuary Series, Volume Five - Autumn 2014

Newest Releases: 
(Links at the bottom of the books page HERE.)

Thy Father's Shadow: Sanctuary 4.5 - June 18, 2014

Destiny: The Girl in the Box #9 - April 1st, 2014 

Depths: Southern Watch #2 - Feb. 3rd, 2014

Called: Southern Watch #1 - January 6th, 2014

A NOTE ABOUT COMMENTS: The comments section is typically purged every 30 days. Please refrain from placing information that might spoil other peoples' enjoyment of the books on the main page. There are discussion posts on each of the series pages where spoilers are most welcome.


  1. When might we be able to read book 10 as I've read them all within 3 weeks so far and gripped beyond belief?

    1. Book 10 should be out by end of summer, Zoe.

  2. Hi Robert. I just wanted to start off by saying that I love your books. You are a great writer and thank you for sharing your gift. I love the girl in the box series and am looking forward to reading the last in the series. With that being said, can you tell us what you can about the out of the box book that will come out later this year. Will it be a series of books as well?

    1. Sorry for the late reply, Latoya, I've been on vacation. Yes, Out of the Box is a series. It's not going to be a limited, ten book series with a very rigidly defined story arc like Girl in the Box is (was always planned to have a beginning, middle and end like it does) but rather it will be an open series that runs as long as I feel like I have good ideas for Sienna's world. (I've presently got 25 books plotted out in the series, just as an aside.) As for other details, I'll probably announce some of them on my Facebook and Twitter, and chapter one of Limitless: Out of the Box #1 will be the last chapter of Power.

  3. OMG!!! I am soooo hooked! Just finished book 9 of the girl in the box series and felt compelled to comment! I have never been so engrossed in a series before now (and that is something as I am a die hard Harry Potter fan). I am DESPERATE for book 10!!! I actually felt that I'd "seen the movie" whilst reading your books, particularly when Sienna hit Eve with a rock during training. The writing is so brilliant I could have almost been in the scene it was so vivid to me. Absolutely genius and I can't wait to read more. Thank you for continuing her journey in your planned books also. I will devour each book as they become available! I kind of wish I'd found your books in about 10 years time so I don't have to wait! Lol. Thanks again. Sarah (Chesterfield, UK) xxx

  4. Just finished reading the ninth book. Since I finished reading Michael Scotts the Alchemyst series, Rick Riordans Percy Jackson series, I've been longing for books that incorporates mythology in way that you've done in your books.

    With that said, I think it's a little strange that Sienna with a genius intellect is surprised that Sovereign is an incubus, because since book one I suspected that she would be able to use the powers of people she'd absorbed (to use a nice word), and I was absolutely certain when suddenly a guy shows up and he has all sorts of powers.
    How come Sienna isn't? I think it's strange that she haven't at least considered it before it's known that Sovereing is an incubus.

    Thank you for writing the books, I've really enjoyed reading them, and I look forward to read the last installment of the series.

    The next series, is that about the humans figuring out that the metahumans exist - because the title certainly leads to it, "out of the box".
    Or is it that all evil has escaped from the box, kind of like Pandoras box, i.e. Century is dominating?

    1. About Sienna's intelligence and her not guessing this readers, we get fed a lot of foreshadowing by authors. It's what authors do so that something doesn't come so completely out of left field as to be "unbelievable" to readers. This presents some problems, too, though, because a sharp reader will pick up on this foreshadowing ahead of time. Kind of like in the movies when you've got a nuclear power plant on the news in act 1, gee, I wonder where the finale is going to take place?

      For Sienna's giant blind spot in relation to this question of power, I would say that in a lot of cases people accept the reality with which we're presented and fail to re-evaluate it as we go. Sienna went from very stressful events in books 1-2 in which she was under threat of death and during which she learned the basics of her powers, then broadened her understanding with Charlie's help between books 2-3. This is a time she's training heavily, and then under threat of death during books 3-4, then another 3 months of training before book 5, at which point her worldview undergoes a dramatic shift and all the people who gave her that basic information are gone or untrustworthy.

      But does Sienna, after that dramatic moment of trauma, have time to question those assumptions she once took for granted? Ehh, maybe, since there's a long gap of time during book 8 where she could have challenged them. But by then she's under a different kind of stress, dealing with a massive crisis all on her shoulders. For the same reason people accepted that the world was flat for however many thousand years - they never had any reason to challenge their assumptions. There are so many kinds of metas, and it was such a secret (for obvious reasons) that it didn't jibe with the info she had.

      Hope that answers your question.

      As for Out of the'll just have to wait and see how Girl in the Box ends to find out what it's all about. ;)

    2. Also, Zeus (congrats on being in Girl in the Box 10 as Jupiter, btw) just as an FYI, I'm going to keep your post and my answer live on the site for about another 24-48 hours in hopes that you'll see it soon, but it's going to be removed after that because it's got such a huge spoiler for the series in it. If you want to talk about the series further, in depth, I invite you over to the Girl in the Box series page ( It has a full comments section at the bottom, with a giant SPOILER warning before you get to it. I just hate to see someone coming by after reading one or two of the series books and having something like that on the landing page for my site.

      Anyway, great question and I hope this answered it to your satisfaction!

    3. Thank you for your answer. That's true. Sienna's choices and thinking seems pretty reasonable all through the series. But it does answer my questions.

      Sadly, I'm not the mythological Zeus. I look forward to meet Jupiter in the tenth book, and I hope we meet more mythological beings. There are so many and all of them have amazing background stories.

      I liked the Quetzalcoatl-type. Could be cool to see more monsters of the like - like Jormungandr or Fenrir from norse mythology or a Hydra from greek and roman mythology.

      Again, thank you for answering my questions.