Buried in Lies

Buried in Lies
The Girl Who Ran Away, Book 1

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Somewhere in all the lies, the truth must be hiding...

Ava Garcia was a normal student – until the day Ty Foster walked into Sunvail High school and killed eight students, including Ava's best friend. Except things don't quite add up. Mysterious disappearances, unexplained accidents, and a seemingly invisible man follow behind the tragedy, leaving Ava wondering what is going on.

Able to remember only flashes of what happened on that day, unable to stomach the lies of the principal, the sheriff, and the mayor, and weighed down under the burden of survivor's guilt, Ava can't help herself – she has to know the truth. And she won't stop until she finds it...

From author Robert J. Crane comes the first tale in a new series set in his multi-million selling Girl in the Box universe.

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