The City of Lies

The City of Lies
The Mira Brand Adventures
Book Three

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“When I ran away, aged seventeen, I didn’t do it for the usual reasons...I did it because I was looking for adventure.”

My name is Mira Brand, and I'm a Seeker – a treasure hunter who can cross between worlds seeking long-forgotten treasure hoards of ancient races. My home is London, but I work in the worlds beneath our own, seeking my fortune wherever I can find it.

Say, for example, in Ostiagard, which is like the Rome of Seeker world. Ostiagard is known as the City of Lies. A wealthy jewel and the seat of an ancient capital, it has been invaded thrice. Each time, not a single gemstone or piece of gold was carried off, and the invading armies ultimately retreated, convinced they'd been deceived about the wealth of Ostiagard.

I'm not convinced. I'm going to find the lost treasure of Ostiagard, and I'll fight my way through anything that comes my way to claim it – an ancient order, my bickering comrades, and even my greatest challenge ever.