The Antecessor Conundrum

The Antecessor Conundrum
The Mira Brand Adventures
Book Eight


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“When I ran away, aged seventeen, I didn’t do it for the usual reasons...I did it because I was looking for adventure.”

My name is Mira Brand, and I'm a Seeker – a treasure hunter who can cross between worlds seeking long-forgotten treasure hoards of ancient races. My home is London, but I work in the worlds beneath our own, seeking after my own fortune.

Backed into a corner, I find myself facing the sum total of all my bad choices. An enemy who kills without remorse. A former ally who has turned on me to get what he wants. And endless worlds, trapped in the conflict between us.

On my final adventure, I find myself wondering - was all this worth it? The world-hopping, the treasure-hunting, the adventure?

Or would I have been better off just staying home?