A Home in the Hills

A Home in the Hills
Ashes of Luukessia
A Sanctuary Series
Book Three

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The land of Luukessia is lost. The last survivors, Jasen Rabin and Alixa Weltan, have pursued the sorcerer Baraghosa across the seas to new lands, and after a terrible battle, now find themselves stranded on an abandoned isle, shipwrecked.

But all is not lost. Trapped with the Coricuanthian crew of the Lady Vizola, the former Queen of the land of Muratam, and a dragoon of a lost land, Jasen and Alixa will be forced to find a way to escape the certain death of the island and find Baraghosa before he brings great death upon another land.

For from the ashes of Luukessia will arise a new hope for others, as Jasen and Alixa pursue their destiny.