The Shattered Dome Series

RELEASE DATES ARE TENTATIVE (See FAQ for more detail on release dates)

The Shattered Dome Series 


(with Co-Author Nicholas J. Ambrose) 

Hannah Wright is thrust into the conflict first-hand when a farmer torches the dome’s latest harvest. Desperate to mend things, she comes across the Voice. Run by Cadence Walker, a city-dweller who has watched the government steadily turn its back on the impoverished at the dome’s edge, the organization vows to unite the dome. But as a wave of violent attacks erupt throughout Hesperus, tensions rise along with the brutality - unity may be further away than ever. 

WARNING: Due to adult content, this series is intended for MATURE READERS ONLY. 

Voiceless (Book 1)
Unspeakable (Book 2) - Coming in 2018!

*Forthcoming, and subject to change if the author has a need for a sanity break. 


  1. Do like this series. Enjoying seeing you write about space activities. Defo got me hooked already.

  2. Any idea on tentative scheduling on this series?

    1. Not really. Nick and I both got ultra busy after we released this, and so we've started to kick around ideas (we have lots of ideas) but neither of us really has time in the schedule to work on this presently. It'll happen at some point, though.

  3. Gotcha. That's understandable. You are swamped with upcoming releases anyway