The Shattered Dome Series

RELEASE DATES ARE TENTATIVE (See FAQ for more detail on release dates)

The Shattered Dome Series 


(with Co-Author Nicholas J. Ambrose) 

Hannah Wright is thrust into the conflict first-hand when a farmer torches the dome’s latest harvest. Desperate to mend things, she comes across the Voice. Run by Cadence Walker, a city-dweller who has watched the government steadily turn its back on the impoverished at the dome’s edge, the organization vows to unite the dome. But as a wave of violent attacks erupt throughout Hesperus, tensions rise along with the brutality - unity may be further away than ever. 

WARNING: Due to adult content, this series is intended for MATURE READERS ONLY. 

Voiceless (Book 1)
Unspeakable (Book 2) - Coming in 2018!

*Forthcoming, and subject to change if the author has a need for a sanity break.

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