September 2022 Update


The Girl in the Box: You can expect four books in this series this year. Eye of the Hurricane (49) - March 2nd, Ghosts (50) - June 2nd, Gangland (51) - September 2nd, and Reality (52), coming (you probably guessed already) December 2nd. I don't know if you've noticed, but since roughly book 46 I've written these to be faster paced, done a bit less of the multi-character thing, more of a speeding thriller, and it's been truly wonderful for me as author. However, book 52 is going to be quite long, like some of the older volumes, with a more epic story spanning multiple characters. The original idea for Girl in the Box was to take a superhero character and turn it into a quick thriller, and going back to basics has reinvigorated me. Which I think is generally good news for the longevity of the series. So in general, you can expect the unexpected in future volumes. As you always should, with me.

The Sanctuary Series...will end with book 12, at least for now. I just don't have it in me to juggle all these balls, spin all these plates, anymore. I have four different series running at present, and I'm going to end three of them because I just don't feel creatively free to write anything completely new and different while I've left several fandoms hanging. So while Sanctuary will end (again, at least for now, not saying I might not come back and write books 13-16 in a few years) I think it's very probable you will see future series from me in the same universe, much like ASHES OF LUUKESSIA. So stay tuned.

Liars and Vampires: Book 8 is out now. When will the last two be out? I dunno, but I'll get them out eventually, probably in the next year or so. The last two are written, they're just painful for me to work on because it's one hundred percent editing and rewriting, my least favorite part of the job. They also pay hobbyist money, but have the virtue of being 2-3 week projects, so at least they get done faster than writing a whole book. So they're coming!

Hallowed: Southern Watch, Book 8 - Look for this after I finish Sanctuary 12. I *need* to get this book done, to get the series finished and off my soul, but I also have to reread every single book in the series before I do so. I dunno about you, but I don't like doing homework, and rereading the entire series? That's homework. (Because I can't do it during normal working hours, that's when I'm writing.) Anyway, it will likely be out late 2023 at earliest. But it's coming, and will wrap up ALL the story threads. Patience. Just a little more patience.

As always, thanks to those of you who have been waiting patiently! And for those who haven' I have no regrets on your account.