January 2023 Update - New Podcast, Upcoming Releases, and More!

 It is a new year, and much excitement abounds! This year I plan to do ALL THE PROJECTS, which means I'll at least get done SOME OF THE PROJECTS. Here are the ones on tap:

1. Since, based on current growth, I predict we will all be legally obligate to have a podcast by the year 2040, I decided to get ahead of the curve for once and my life and have started one with my friend C.G. Cooper called THE CHAT. It answers the question of what two bestselling authors talk about when they get together, in case you've ever wondered. We released our first three episodes this weekend with new episodes every week, and you can find them all here: https://thechat.buzzsprout.com/ (Note: it's coming to Apple podcasts, they're just really slow to approve episodes.)

2. In case you missed it in the holiday rush, LEGACY: The Girl in the Box, Book 8's audiobook came out last year. Book 9 is getting close to done and book 10 will follow. You can find all my audiobooks HERE: http://www.robertjcrane.com/p/audiobooks.html

3. Next release: ALLEGIANCE, The Girl in the Box, Book 53 is coming out on February 2nd. If you're behind, then let me quote to you what Papa Tomato said to Baby Tomato: Ketchup. All the books are in Kindle Unlimited, so catching up has never been easier or more economical! Binge away, and ALLEGIANCE can be pre-ordered HERE: http://www.robertjcrane.com/p/allegiance.html We should see at least four Sienna books this year and maybe, possibly, a new series in Sienna's world that I've had on my mind for the better part of a decade. More on that if I end up making it happen. If so, it's going to replace the thriller I've been mulling over for a while in my work lineup.

4. RAGE OF THE ANCIENTS, The Sanctuary Series, Volume 12 is going to be the last in the series, at least for the foreseeable future. Sorry, gang, but after really thinking about it, I just don't have it in me to continue it right now. This doesn't mean I'll never come back to Cyrus and company; I still plan to write some epic fantasy trilogies in the same world (but in different lands) and it's highly probably that some of the characters will show up in these new series (like certain characters did in ASHES OF LUUKESSIA). But for now, I think it's best to give Cyrus and crew as happy an ending as their circumstances dictate, and move on to other lands for a time. If I'm meant to come back to them to write later volumes, I assure you I will. 

5. HALLOWED: Southern Watch, Book 8 - I intend to write the final book (number 8) this year, but it won't be until late this year. I need to finish Sanctuary 12, write my yearly allotment of Girl in the Box novels, and work on one other project before I start it. Oh, and also reread all seven books in the series, because I want to make sure I'm able to wrap up EVERYTHING. I'll let you know when it's coming.

6. BURNED ME: Liars and Vampires, Book 9 should, theoretically, be out this year. But it may get pushed. If it does, I'll try to do it and book 10 to wrap up the series in 2024. We'll see.