April 2023 Update!

 April 2023 Update!

1. The Girl in the Box continues to roll on with four releases this year - ALLEGIANCE (53) on March 2nd, SHADOWS on May 2nd, FALLOUT on August 2nd, and finishing with STOLEN on November 2nd.  I'm almost done writing FALLOUT and it's the last week in April. That makes me feel good about getting other stuff done this year. Yay. One quick Sienna note I've mentioned elsewhere...I suspect there are less than twenty Sienna books remaining before the series concludes. How many less is an open question, but I wanted to warn you ultra-devoted fans and less-devoted fans: there is an end. It is coming. It's a few years off yet (3-5 is my best guess) but it is coming. So...prepare yourselves.

2. RAGE OF THE ANCIENTS: The Sanctuary Series, Volume 12 is finished and is coming out June 2nd. It's a barn burner, and THE LAST in the series...at least for now. Other series in this world will be coming in the next couple years (I think) but Cyrus and the gang are exiting the stage after this one. I may revisit them again in a few years, but I just as easily may not. Forewarned is forearmed, so...

3. HALLOWED: Southern Watch, Book 8 - I am scheduled to begin this one late this year, after I've wrapped up my Girl in the Box obligations as well as a couple new series books. Don't plan on seeing it until 2024 at earliest, but it's coming, thanks to the time I have now that I've wound down the Sanctuary Series.

4. BURNED ME: Liars and Vampires, Book 9 - Not coming until 2024 at earliest. Sorry, sales totally and completely died after book 8 (which I thought was quite good) so this one's on the backburner. It and book 10 are already written but require editing, so they are coming, just...delayed. Book 10 will finish the series.

5. Something new coming this fall. Details later.

6. We continue to release episodes of our podcast THE CHAT, so if you're looking for something to listen to while you're commuting to work and reading isn't happening for some reason, check us out.